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Recent Reviews of the “Early History of Springer” Book

Pepe Serna – Hollywood Actor

Facebook Post: Pepe Serna, Hollywood Actor. See his Facebook page;


Pepe Serna where he states; “Check out my friend Louis Serna’s books. He is an incredible guy.”

Quentin Nolan

May 29 at 4:44pm


Louis, you have a wealth of knowledge, Thank you for taking the time to orate some history for me!


J. S. commented on your post in MUST READ..! – BOOK OF THE WEEK.


8:35pm May 14 from V.S. ;


“Can’t put it down, opened my eyes as to where a lot of our Springer friends and acquaintances originated. Great book, keep it up.”

Stella Vigil

Comment History Stella Vigil, 4:23pm May 14


I need the address where to order the book. There are ladies here at the apartment where I live that used to live in Springer. They want a book..!


So please send it to me Thank you. Stella

Casa de Sueños

Facebook Post: Casa de Sueños 8:41pm May 13


I want to give a shout out to historian and author Louis Serna. I received his wonderful book in the mail today and read it in one sitting. I thank him for including my other grandfather Jose Pablo Delgado and my abuela Yrenea Nolan.


Peace to all.

Anna Rovin

Anna Rovin 7:20pm May 26


I’m enjoying my copy very much, thank you 😀

Kara McGuigan

Kara McGuigan 7:01pm May 26 I got mine! Thanks..!

Casa de Sueños

Casa de Sueños commented on your post in The Nolan’s of New Mexico.


Casa de Sueños Casa de Sueños 4:47pm May 27


I enjoyed it very much, thank you for this piece of work. I appreciated the inclusion of Delgado and my abuela Yrenea.

Della Sword

Della Sword commented on your post. May 27 at 7:38pm;

“I am taking one of my copies to my brother John Nolan tomorrow so he can read it and pass it on to my other brothers and sister. I loved your book and I am sure my brothers and sister will too. Your book is a treasure to our family. Thank you again.”

Gene Rascon

Gene Rascon 8:41am May 29


So great to see the connections happening here. My mother has (your Springer) book and it was great to see her fill in the blanks and talk about some of the people she recognized. Mr Serna your work is valuable. This micro history you create is so important in this period of history that we live in. Fray Angelico understood this as well because he would create murals that depicted the local townspeople of the small towns he ministered in as biblical characters. He realized their real importance as you do.