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Recent Book Release


The Templar Knights and the Mysterious Stones in Northern New Mexico

My “TEMPLAR” book became a best seller, and sold out within a short time of being released..! I have not re-ordered hard copies of the book and instead am offering the book as an E-book on this website. You can view the book for FREE by clicking on the “Buy” tab below. You can then read the book and if you like it, you can buy it at a small cost. If you prefer not to buy, you can simply close out of the purhase..!

Again, thank you for visiting my website where I am highlighting my “TEMPLAR book”. To know more about the book, I am including three videos for your viewing pleasure. In order below, they are;



1. My KRQE-TV13 interview I did with Chris McKee in May of 2017

2. My interview with Terry Carter, Producer of historical YouTube videos titled; “The Knights Templar and the Mysterious Stones in Northern New Mexico



3. My recent interview I did with Terry Carter about the “Mystery Rock on Hidden Mountain”. This video just adds more information about early Middle Eastern visitors to New Mexico and the Southwest.


Please contact me at sernabook@comcast.net if you have any questions.



Before an After..!

Before and After..!
Louis was born and raised in springer, New Mexico. He authored a book about his hometown of Springer, and in this book he includes a section in which he describes what life was like for him “When He Was a Kid”… growing up in springer… perhaps a childhood not unlike that of kids anywhere, when they grow up with an inquisitive mind and proper parenting.
He grew up to be a man of many talents; an Aerospace Machinist, Welder, Community College teaching Professor, Manager of a national Vocational Training Center in Seattle, Wa, Plant Engineer of a major steel foundry in Seattle, producing military components for the NATO forces in Europe, and other avocations. Through-out his life, he has been a genealogist producing a massive database of many families of New Mexico, including his own Serna and Vigil ancestors. As well, he is the author of some 15 books on historical people, places and events of northern New Mexico. There is more to this interesting character whose goal now at his age 77, is to leave a history that others can pick up on and continue for the good of generations to come.

Other Available Books


This is a book about Knights Templar who visited northern New Mexico sometime in the period of 1200 AD to 1400 AD and left two mysterious obelisk shaped stones in a most obscure location high in the mountain foothills of Wheeler Peak, the highest mountain in New Mexico at 13,000 feet in elevation. (Yes, this is some 300 years before Columbus!).

Early History of Springer

Early history of Springer, New Mexico from its origins in the mid 1800’s through the 1950’s. The author was born there in 1941 and grew up there until his age 14 when his family moved to Cimarron, New Mexico, 20 miles away. The book contains pictures of significant events, business buildings, people and tragedies that occurred there. It also includes the names of people and some history of families of interest who lived in Springer in its earliest day. It also includes the author’s experiences as a kid growing up in the 1940’s – 50’s and the area history as he remembers it. The book is an historical album of Springer.

A History of the Spanish People of Northern New Mexico

In northern New Mexico, as opposed to other regions of the country the people are unique in that the Spanish families of today are the direct descendants of the first Spanish explorers and colonists who came into the area in the 1600’s.

Tessie Maxwell of the Maxwell Land Grant Family

In 1979, I produced a short story of the life of Tessie Maxwell of Cimarron, New Mexico. Although not an author or writer by occupation, I tried to present an image of Tessie, through information she gave me, information gathered over several years by mail, interviews, recorded documents, and from first-hand knowledge I had of Tessie, being her son-in-law.

The Sernas of the World, a Family History

My account of the Serna (De La Serna) history begins in medieval Europe, about the time of the feuding kings and princes of Europe, Spain, El Cid, Constantinople, Suleyman, Columbus, and the time of occupation of Spain by the Moors.

The Life of Liven Serna, Famous Bearhunter of the Rayado

Following are the memoirs of Liven Serna, a highly respected hunter and craftsman who grew up in the area around Rayado, and Springer New Mexico.

The Alfred Dorrance Story

Alfred Alejandro Dorrance was born in Cimarron, New Mexico on June 12, 1919, to Ricardo and Fedelia Dorrance. He grew up in this small village in northern New Mexico, among his brothers and sisters and childhood friends.

The Mossmans of Baldy Mountain

The town of “Baldy” was a settlement in Colfax County, New Mexico, 4 miles northeast of Elizabethtown, high on Baldy Mountain, and about 30 miles west of Cimarron, along the beautiful Cimarron Canyon. In the 1860’s a Ute Indian showed a piece of rich copper float to a Capt. William Moore, owner of a sutler’s store at Fort Union, New Mexico.

New Mexicans – Who Really Are We?

Many years ago, about 1966, I started doing a study of my wife’s and my own family histories. At that time, “genealogy” was not the popular pastime that it has become and there were certainly no short-cuts or handy computers in which to compile information. it was all pencil, notepad, and file jackets… and lots of frustration and headaches..!

Clay Allison and the Colfax County War

The book begins in the 1840’s in Tennessee and is the story of Clay Allison who became a prominent character / gunfighter in northern New Mexico. The book chronicles many events and battles between the North and South during the Civil War around the Allison homestead in Tennessee.